Episode 6: Cooper's Dream/Go Easy On The Sauce Tonight, Cathy

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Dallas and Sean close their eyes and go bottoms up with Episode 6 of Twin Peaks. Featuring: @burnnoticefan43//icelanders party//you ruin all the fun stuff in our lives//bowl full of coop//she’s getting to the next verse//the OJ of TP//hank pops that balloon pretty quickly by just existing//shut your eyes and you’ll burst into flames//it is serious//what’s this hole right here in my stomach?//i’m a crow!//

Episode 5: The One Armed Man

Dallas and Sean jump into the tub with Episode 5. Featuring: i misspeak, this is episode 5//#spoilergate//again, THIS IS EPISODE 5 NOT 4 I AM SORRY//little elvis//in real life, there is no algebra, or anything else//hey, hawk!//yes, both socks//i am a flashy guy//you know he’s not gonna be a big help in the kitchen//when you think of karen allen//i don’t want diet lasagna, i changed my mind//we should go fishing//WRONG, STILL, ITS EPISODE 5//a listener email!//

Episode 4: Rest In Pain

Dallas and Sean return to Twin Peaks, a show that may or may not just be a West Side Story sequel. Featuring: and, we’re back//@cheersfans1234//the core//a good riddance joke!//I like her hair//back to the falls//dallas does his tim gunn impression//is there a way to watch this show where we cut all the leland parts out?//c’mon shelly//is bobby adopted?//ed is dying inside, and so am i, watching this//this is why text messaging is so important//phone who?//bobby, unleashed//that’s be cool//i fell right in to that core joke//

Episode 3: Zen, Or The Skill To Catch A Killer

Dallas and Sean take a huge, over-dramatic bite out of the "dreamy" third episode of Twin Peaks. Featuring: we’re cooking quinoa//max monroe: loose canon starring shadoe stevens//you’re looking at the menu//someday we’ll get through this without being interrupted//but maybe not//you’ve got dock duty tonight, sandy//barf city: population us//we’re a long way from blueberry schnapps-frankenstein leo//donuts//please don’t let your children watch this show//let’s move on to the palmer house where it’s good times, all the time//the switch gets flicked//well then season 2’s gonna suck, a lot of people agree with you//dallas tells us who he thinks the killer is//

Episode 2: Traces To Nowhere

Sean holds Dallas's hand through episode 2 of Twin Peaks. Featuring: that’s a joke for two people who aren’t listening to this//the kid interrupts, like clockwork, again//how good could that coffee be//she’s in love with james, aren’t we all?//that’s gonna be a lot of money in mickeys//the next scene is gonna put some hair on your chest//let’s call him eskimo joe//technical difficulties//is the log lady a thing?//"nice day for a picnic" james is back//

Episode 1b: The Pilot, Pt. 2

Dallas and Sean consume the second half of the Twin Peaks pilot, and make a pact to finally finish talking about it before this podcast ends. Featuring: I honestly didn’t know you had this in your life//I’m unwrapping my own plastic//the kid interrupts, again//I was hoping you’d catch me//these guys really did a number on future television writers of the 1970’s//oh, he’s got the calculator with basketball on it//it was in his eye!//he’s really into transcendental meditation and Cathy//you talk to your wife that way, right?//did your school even have a football?//you keep only one kind of lettuce in this house//

Episode 1a: The Pilot, Pt. 1

A beginning, in which Sean and Dallas tackle the first half of the pilot. Includes: How come you haven’t watched the shows that you haven’t watched yet?// David Lynch is also Barry Levinson//Ontkean is bad?//You think you know the first scene of your favorite show, but you’re wrong//Riff and Tony from womb to tomb//The Original Deep Freeze//You’re signing up for a lot, and we should probably just end there//